Weddings at Parma-South

Thank you for your wedding inquiry.  For information, please call our church office and ask for Vickie Koszaik.  When calling, please have the following information available: 

      Wedding date and time
      Complete names of both the bride and groom
      Mailing address for the bride

You do NOT need to be a member of any Church to have your wedding ceremony performed here at Parma-South Presbyterian Church. However, we believe that marriage is a gift which God has given to all humankind, for the wellbeing of the entire human family. For Christians, marriage is a covenant agreement in which a man and woman are called to live out their lives of discipleship together, before God. In preparation for the marriage service, time will be spent with a minister discussing matters of faith, marriage and the nature and form of the marriage service. Parma-South has various policies regarding times and use of our facilities for marriage, which help organize your special day. 




- The Pastor of Parma-South Presbyterian Church