Baptism at Parma-South

We rejoice in the gift of baptism. For Presbyterians it is an outward sign and seal of our incorporation into Christ and his body, the Church. If you are personally seeking baptism or asking to have a child baptized, you will meet with a minister for a time of preparation. If you are presenting a child for baptism, one of the parents/guardian needs to be a member of a Christian Church.

During this time of preparation you will be asked what you think of Jesus Christ. Is He your personal Savior and will you follow His teachings in your daily life? Are you able to demonstrate these same principles in the way you live your life so that your children will also be able to see you "walking the walk" and not just speaking empty words?

Do not hesitate to contact us by filling the form below, and we will be glad to discuss baptism with you.

-The Pastor of Parma-South Presbyterian Church

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