History of our Organ

An Historic Pipe Organ of 36 ranks / 3 manual

  • Built by Lyon & Healy (a prototype) in 1907-08 
  • Sold in a Bankruptcy sale to Grinnell College in Iowa 
  • Re-built by Kimball Organ Company in 1941 
  • Removed and professionally stored in 1948 by Aeolian Skinner Organ Company 
  • Advertised ‘for sale’ in 1959-60 
  • Purchased and installed for PS in 1960 
  • Mid 1980’s, the organ was in desperate need of major re-leathering, rebuilding, and fixing 
  • 1987, a used organ console and 1970’s relay was purchased from Rocky River Presbyterian, re-built and installed 
  • 1989, the Choir Division was re-built with a new, major chest and updated 
  • 2001-02, the Swell Division was re-built with two new major chests, updated and augmented  
  • 2001-02, the console was augmented with a new combination action 
  • 2005, the Great was rebuilt 
  • 2006, the relay was replaced with digital. The console is now portable and the organ music can be pre-recorded and played back!