Columbarium of Parma-South


The Parma-South Columbarium is a dedicated site in the church building for the inurnment of the cremated remains of its members, their spouses and certain other persons as determined eligible. The Columbarium is divided into separate niches for inurnment. A small committal table is provided for service and prayers.

What is a columbarium? It is a place where the cremated remains of a loved one may be permanently inurned in the church. Many people feel a particular comfort in knowing that those who have entered the Church Triumphant can have their ashes inurned within the church that meant so much to them during their lifetimes. In a sense, a columbarium is similar to the old New England churchyard. No portrait of our country would be complete without reference to the hundreds of churches across America with the small cemetery next to the church. The church is a place we come to for most of our significant life experiences, such as baptisms, confirmations, marriages, memorial services, Sabbath worship, fellowship meals, Bible teaching, and help in time of crisis. It seems fitting that the church should also offer itself as a place of eternal rest. For these who choose cremation, the columbarium is a welcomed service of the church to its members.

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